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You can access content from the International Journal of Emergency Medicine on your mobile and tablet. Simply download the SpringerLink app to your device, and search for ‘International Journal of Emergency Medicine’; because IJEM is fully Open Access, you can access all of its content without any registration necessary! Click here for more details.

Aims and scope

The International Journal of Emergency Medicine is a high-quality Open Access journal which aims to bring to light the various clinical advancements and research developments attained over the world, thus helping the specialty forge ahead. It is directed towards physicians and medical personnel undergoing training or working within the field of Emergency Medicine. Disciplines covered include interesting clinical cases, the latest evidence-based practice and research developments in Emergency Medicine, including emergency pediatrics. The International Journal of Emergency Medicine focuses on the practice of Emergency Medicine in a variety of settings, from urban emergency departments and rural clinics in the developing world, to humanitarian and disaster situations. It aims to shed light on international advances in practice, education and research, with a single common goal: to reduce suffering and promote excellence in patient care worldwide.

Call for Papers

The submission of papers that add to the body of knowledge in Emergency Medicine is encouraged. We encourage authors to view the journal’s Instructions for Authors for further information on the different article types published.

  • Fully Open Access - no subscription barriers!
  • Continuous publication
  • Quick peer review and production times


Reviewer Applications

The International Journal of Emergency Medicine is looking for enthusiastic experts in the field of Emergency Medicine to join its international pool of reviewers. If you are active in the field and wish to contribute to the high-quality scientific output of theInternational Journal of Emergency Medicine, please submit the following to the journal’s Publishing Editor, Sverre Klemp (

  • Your CV / résumé
  • Describe your current role and work interests

Society affiliation

The International Journal of Emergency Medicine is published in collaboration with the Netherlands Society of Emergency Physicians (NSEP) (aka. NVHSA), the American Academy for Emergency Medicine in India (AAEMI) and the Malaysian Association of Emergency Medicine (MAEM).

If you or your co-authors are a member of the any of the above societies then we kindly ask you to contact the relevant society's office to find out the member benefits available to you. Additional queries can be sent to